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ohhh man...

i absolutely LOVE this idea.. i usually have to take about 50 pictures to get one half-decent one.. yep. i'm so un-photogenic it's hilarious. i found it by searching for people interested in "unattractive" i have my own little anti-"are you hot community" they just piss me off with how cruel they are..

from a long time ago.. 2001 i believe.. bad hair day.. and uhh.. what am i doing with my panda...i haven't the slightest clue..

from.. 2002 and uhh.. my hair looks fine.. but there's really bad lighting and bad angle, my eyebrows lips and eyes are funged up. woo.

uh.. thats a piece of my pants on my head.. this is from.. july.. and the lighting sucks, my face looks retarted.. you can figure out everything else wrong with it yourself..

horrible lighting.. i'm about 500000x paler then that.. my skin is discolored, and many other things.. and i was too lazy to fix my eyeliner. heh.

ohh the joys of photoshop.. this one sent my little cousin into a fit of hysterical screams.. it was great..

wooo, i think that's enough of me for a while..
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